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Hey y’all!!!

So, I normally don’t go too deep into my personal life but I feel like taking on the journey of writing and publishing one story a month for 16 months deserves more respect than I’ve been giving to the latter part of my mission so I’m gonna fill you all in.

My eye surgery was unsuccessful. My eyes are not worse but they are not improving. This did cause me some sadness and grief, but I have kept writing, I’m just nervous about releasing my work after the way this year has started off but I’m looking to the future and will continue my journey. I will release April’s tale in normal fashion and will be sprinkling February’s and March’s tales throughout this month. Thank you for your support and interest in my tales of adventure, horror, fantasy, Funk, magic, and science-fiction.

Sanctified: Chapter 14- Bottom of the Food Chain

Reaching the outskirts of Portland was
No easy feat. Fosco’s dagger-tooth
Vibrated in his hand, he hadn’t dropped
     It since he used it to belly slice
     The spiky monster at the airport.
     Deep down in his bones, Fosco could sense
          That the tooth held great power and he
          Was chosen to wield against the beasts.
          But for good measure he equipped his
     Ragtag team of survivors with spikes
     And bones from the monsters he had slain.
     He wanted to be sure that any
Monster they ran into on their trek
Through the backroads of Portland they would
All have enough power to at least
     Take on the terrors awaiting them.
     “What do you think those things want?” The teen
     Girl asked as she walked next to Fosco.
          Fosco remained alert. “They’re devils
          Here to punish the world for its sins,”
          The man with the slicked back hair preached.
     “Bullshit,” Fosco scoffed, “They don’t care for
     Our crap. They’re here to reclaim the world
     At the top of the food chain.” “Where does
That leave you?” Asked the tall blonde man that
Jumped in front of them with a pistol.

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Sanctified: Chapter 13- Full on Deadly

Dustin took the back roads for the next
Hour, making sure to avoid big
Areas where panicking drivers
Could cause a ruckus of terror and
Trouble. He knew how wild people could
     Get when the sky came tumbling down.
     “What do you think those things are,” he said.
     Sedequa shook her head and turned back
     To her sword in the back seat; was she
     Destined to battle those stoned creatures,
Did she have some ancient power to
Send them back from the hell they clawed out
Of? If she had the answer she would
Have probably still chosen to find her
Brother over hiding out till the
     Danger was over. She took a deep
     Breath and said, “I think they’re relics from
     Harsher times ready to reclaim a
     World damaged by humans. But to be
     Honest we’re probably not a blip
          On their radar.” Dustin laughed and said,
          “Well some of us. You gave a couple
          Of them something to fear.” Sedequa
          Smiled, almost ignoring the great
          Big wasp-built monster bust into the
Hood of Dustin’s car; a full on crash.

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Sanctified: Chapter 12- Skin, Bone, Entrails

Fosco could not fully wrap his hand
Around the giant fang, trying not
To gross himself out as the bloody
Tooth pulsed in his grasp, shooting a buzz
Of searing energy through his bones.
The spiny beast shot into the air
And Fosco plunged the fang into it’s
Belly as he slid underneath the
Monster. It shrieked as Fosco dragged the
Tooth down it’s stomach, entrails and green
Goo splattered to the floor and onto
Fosco’s face. He gagged as the beast
Dropped dead; Fosco’s skin slithered as he tried
To shake off the beasts insides from his
Body. “That’s two of those things you’ve killed,”
A red haired woman choked out, “you must
Be blessed by an Angel.” Fosco scoffed,
“I’m just trying not to get eaten.”
A young man with baggy jeans jumped up
And said, “Well guide us to the promise
Land since you know how to face these fiends.”
Fosco took a deep breath and said, “I
Have some place to be tomorrow and
These ‘fiends’ ain’t gon’ stop me.” The other
Survivors glanced at each other and
Silently agreed to follow him.

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Sanctified: Chapter 11: Wield It Like Its Yours

Sedequa raised her sword, nice and slow,
Her gaze trapping the feathery beast.
“Come and get you a piece, she challenged.
It must have recognized the look in
Her eyes, or maybe it was the way
     She wielded her sword that made the beats
     Shriek in terror and fly away. “Dang,”
     Sedequa huffed, her arm twitching as
     She lowered her sword. The man behind
     Her turned her around and said, I know
A safe place to take shelter.” She shook
Her head. “My brother’s expecting me
In Portland.” Sedequa replied, not
Concerned with explaining it further.
“This ain’t the time for no damn road trip,”
     The man argued. Sedequa swung her
     Sword in front of her and said, “Do what
     You must, I can take care of myself.”
     “Damn,” the man frowned. “Well you’re the one with
     The holy blade these things seem to be
          Terrified of so I’ll stick with you.”
          Sedequa grinned and said, “Teamwork sounds
          Great, with dozens of these things loose out
          There, the Trek to Portland may be wild.”
          “Lead the way,” he said, “By the way, I’m
Dustin.” “Call me Sedi.” Time to leap.

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Sanctified: Chapter 10- Toothy

The beast roared as the suitcase banged him.
Fosco slammed his luggage on top of
The spiky monsters head, the only
     Dent he made was in the luggage. The
     Monster’s thick skull was unbreakable.
     It roared and used is long arms to toss
          Fosco against a wall, its gaze shot
          To the teen girl shivering five feet
          Away. Fosco struggled to find his
     Breath, trying to remind his lungs
     How to breathe. The teen girl pulled out the
     Large fang as the monster sprinted at
Her. The man with the slicked back hair jumped
Between her and the beast, tackling
The teen to the floor before the beast
     Could maul her. The monster’s spikes shot up
     As it missed it’s prey, catching nothing
     But air. The others screamed as the beast
          Switched is attention to the seven
          Terrified witnesses, shaking in
          Horror. It possibly smelled their fear,
     Fosco thought as he noticed the thick
     Bloody fang at his feet. He snatched it
     Up and took a chance. “Yo shit-brain,” he
Hollered. The monster shrieked and charged him.
Fosco squeezed the fang, risking it all

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Sanctified: Chapter 9: Power

Sedequa grinned, wielding the ancient
Weapon as if it was meant for her
And no one else. The beast growled, it’s eyes
Throwing daggers of rage and envy
As it sprinted on all fours straight to
     Sedequa. It heals fast, she thought, but
     Even monsters need their heads to breathe.
     She leaped into the air, the long sword
     Tight between her hands; the beast was not
     Quick enough and Sedequa shoved the
Sword straight into the back of its skull.
It came out of the beasts mouth making
A loud clank as it hit the tiled
Floor. The beast fell limp and Sedequa
Snatched the sword out of its skull, her sword.
     The man with the dark eyes swept Sedequa
     By the waist and said, “We gotta get
     Far away from here.” He pulled her to
     The emergency exit, his arms
     Shaking as he kicked the door open.
          Sedequa did not let go of her
          New weapon as she followed the man.
          A giant feathered beast with talons
          Darted in front of them; Sedequa
          Smirked and said, “Stay behind me.” She squeezed
The sword and saw her future. Power.

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Sanctified: Chapter 6- Misery

The woman’s screaming was contagious
And soon everyone at the rental
Desk was screaming and fleeing as
    A beast with blue scales and giant wings
    Crashed through the airport lobby windows.
    It stood on its hind legs, brass talons
        Clicking on the floor as its wings wrapped
        Around its shoulders like a robe; it
        Shoved and clawed, walking through the roaring
    Crowd. It was searching for just the right
    Prey and Fosco could have sworn the beast
    Had a grin rubbed across its mouth when
It spotted him with his luggage still
Squeezed tight in his hand; the big copper-
Colored clunker his lawyer bought him
    After he won his case. Six years and
    The metal box looked like something from
    A junkyard. The beast chose its prey and
        Stretched out its long arms, spreading sharp claws.
        It sprinted through baggage claim toward the
        Car rental desk, its sight determined
    On Fosco. Saliva spilling from
    Its fangs as it pounced in front of him.
    Fosco did not pause or hesitate.
He raised his suitcase above his fro
And slammed his luggage on the beasts head.

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Sanctified: Chapter 4- Watch It Crack

Sedequa’s spine seared as the screeches
Shook the museum, the man with the
Dark eyes swiftly looked around—cracks—crumble.
The giant statue in front of the
Two strangers quivered as cracks spread all
    Throughout the winged beast’s body. It’s large
    Eyes lit up red and the beast came to
    Life. It roared as it shook off the stone
    Chips that once engulfed its body. They
    Were real. Panic quickly swept across
The museum, screams of deathly sights
Flooding the building. Sedequa
Watched, her legs frozen, as a large cat
Statue went from gray to a vibrant
Green covered in pink spikes and pounced on
    A young woman running to the door.
    It devoured her. “Get down,” the man
    Shouted, wrapping his arms around her
    Waist and rolling to the floor as the
    Winged monster flew over, fangs ready
        To rip into human flesh. They were
        Alive and hungry, tearing through the
        Museum and breaking through windows
        And walls. They were craving flesh, yearning
        To be free. Free to hunt, free to kill,
Just as Sedequa pined for freedom.

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Sanctified: Chapter 1- The Letter

                                        January 3, 2019
Fossy, it’s been a long time. I bet
You’re surprised to be hearing from me
After all these years. I miss you.
I was watching the news yesterday
It was about those creature statues
    They found in the Congo Rainforest
    And that show popped into my head, the
    One about the gargoyles, it made
    Me think of you, when we were kids.
    A lot has happened in the last six years.
I’ve finally finished school and
I stuck to a major, you know I was
Never good at commitment. I just
Started a new job at a middle
School, working with at risk youth; trying
    To make a difference. I also got
    Back into church, yeah, I’m going to
    Church again. It’s been… a real blessing.
    I’m heading back home on the 9th. I
    Know I didn’t leave on good terms,
        I know what I did was far beyond
        Betrayal, and I have no excuse
        But I want to see my big brother.
        “When I am afraid, I will put my
        Trust in you.” -Psalm 56:3 Love
Always, Your little sister, Sedi

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Te extraño; I miss you.

This is a poem dedicated to one of my greatest friends and mentors, Heather Ayala. I miss you and I love you!

Te extraño; I miss you.

I want to learn the things you know
I want to love and share and grow
I want to sing and dance and show
Show the world that I am here too
I want to be free, free with you
You see the world in such a way
To you there’s always brighter days
I do not want to cry, no more
At times I drift far from the shore
I want to learn the things you do
I want to be free, free with you

I need to find myself right now
I need for you to show me how
I need to laugh and smile now
Show me the way to inner peace
I need all this heartache to cease
You lift your sisters, brothers too
Striving for justice, that’s all you
You shine your light on everyone
You live, changing lives one by one
Your love an abundant increase
I need all this heartache to cease

I love that you are there for me
I love knowing you’ll never leave
You showed me the way to live free
You are strong and brave, and kind too
I am thankful for knowing you
You make me laugh when tears are strong
You help me grow when I am wrong
A teacher, a friend, helpful hand
The angel in my wonderland
Blessed is the time I shared with you
I am thankful for knowing you

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