I’m Back and Better…

Hey y’all!!!

So, I normally don’t go too deep into my personal life but I feel like taking on the journey of writing and publishing one story a month for 16 months deserves more respect than I’ve been giving to the latter part of my mission so I’m gonna fill you all in.

My eye surgery was unsuccessful. My eyes are not worse but they are not improving. This did cause me some sadness and grief, but I have kept writing, I’m just nervous about releasing my work after the way this year has started off but I’m looking to the future and will continue my journey. I will release April’s tale in normal fashion and will be sprinkling February’s and March’s tales throughout this month. Thank you for your support and interest in my tales of adventure, horror, fantasy, Funk, magic, and science-fiction.

Te extraño; I miss you.

This is a poem dedicated to one of my greatest friends and mentors, Heather Ayala. I miss you and I love you!

Te extraño; I miss you.

I want to learn the things you know
I want to love and share and grow
I want to sing and dance and show
Show the world that I am here too
I want to be free, free with you
You see the world in such a way
To you there’s always brighter days
I do not want to cry, no more
At times I drift far from the shore
I want to learn the things you do
I want to be free, free with you

I need to find myself right now
I need for you to show me how
I need to laugh and smile now
Show me the way to inner peace
I need all this heartache to cease
You lift your sisters, brothers too
Striving for justice, that’s all you
You shine your light on everyone
You live, changing lives one by one
Your love an abundant increase
I need all this heartache to cease

I love that you are there for me
I love knowing you’ll never leave
You showed me the way to live free
You are strong and brave, and kind too
I am thankful for knowing you
You make me laugh when tears are strong
You help me grow when I am wrong
A teacher, a friend, helpful hand
The angel in my wonderland
Blessed is the time I shared with you
I am thankful for knowing you

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