Sanctified: Chapter 16- Beasties + Baddies (Part 3)

One corny ass line had Fosco vexed.
He spent two wild weeks dancing, drinking,
And screwing his curly-hair brains out,
The most fun he had since before he
Came out to his ad and got kicked out.
Fosco and Sedequa grew up with
Their dad in Grande Ronde; they didn’t move in
With their mom until Sedequa turned
Eighteen, Fosco was twenty when
He finally tracked down Melita.
They worked at her motel trying to
Reconnect with their mother, slow work.
Adam must have seen how lost Fosco
Felt, like he was watching a drive-in
Movie and his radio was tuned
All the way up to max. Fosco could
Never forget the night he let that
Bitch catch his ass slipping; caught up.
“I’ll never let anyone hurt you,”
Adam whispered into Fosco’s ear,
“You’re the only thing making this trip
Worth it. I can’t stand Virgil; he’s just
Like out dad, vicious and controlling.”
Fosco wanted to protect his love,
Clueless to the dangerous cost of
Falling for a serial killer.

Sanctified: Chapter 16- Beasties + Baddies (Part 2)

There was something there, in the blond man’s
Eyes, something that Fosco recognized;
Regret and the guilt that comes along
With feeling it, but Fosco didn’t care,
He stopped forgiving and coddling
Stupid white boys years ago, before
He spent a year in prison, before
He let a white boy mess up his life.
It was a hot summer night when he
First fell in love with a guy, Adam
Vushay. He and his older brother Virgil
Stopped at Fosco’s mother’s motel on
Road trip through the Pacific North-
West. His gorgeous brown eyes made Fosco’s
Knees twitch. When he walked into the lobby
Fosco’s throat closed up and he forgot
How to breathe. “One king or two queens?” his
Sister asked as Adam smiled his way.
“Two queens,” he said, biting his lip and
Leaning over the counter; he brushed
His dirty blonde hair out of his face
And said, “You know any cool places
Around here where I can find cute boys
And good music?” Sedequa elbowed
Fosco in the gut. “I know a few.”
“I could use a tour guide,” Adam said.

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Sanctified: Chapter 16- Beasties + Baddies (Part 1)

Fosco was not in the mood to deal
With some motorcycle gang hoping
To cash in on the terror of “war”.
“Give us all your weapons,” the blonde man
With the grey pistol demanded. He
Aimed his gun at Fosco as four more
Men crept out of the trees. “You heard him,”
Said a bald man as he walked up to
Fosco and pointed his gun in his face.
“Get yo gun out my face,” Fosco warned.
The man laughed and said, “You gonna make
Me?” His friends laughed and surrounded the
Airport survivors. “Don’t test me,” the
Blonde cautioned, “Its been a long day filled
With apocalyptic gloom. My boys
And I could take you out in a blink.
Make it easy, give us what we want.”
Fosco glared and said, “I got places
To be and people to see, messing
Around with greedy, trash-ass white boys
Ain’t on my schedule for the evening.”
“You got a mouth on you, dontcha, boy,”
Baldy remarked, “how about I cut your tongue.”
He didn’t finish that sentence;
Fosco head-butted him in the nose
The snatched his gun from him. “Try me, bitch.”

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Sanctified: Chapter 15- Strangers (Part 4)

Sedequa kicked the slimy monster
In the knee as it dashed straight at her.
She shot one of its long bony hands
And it screeched in terror. One of its
Puppets kicked the gun out of her hand
And punched her in the cheek. He squeezed her
Sword in both hands; she did not like that.
Sedequa swung the long stinger and
Challenged the puppet pretending to
Wield her weapon. He blocked one blow,
Then two. Sedequa spun round and
Slashed the puppet’s calf; he screamed out
And Sedequa kicked him in the chest.
The sword flew across the cabin. Sue
Continued shooting ng until no one
Still stood but her, Sedequa, and the
Monster. Sedequa raced to pick up
The sword. She snatched it up and turned to
The beast. “You ain’t ready for this.” She
Tossed the stinger to Dustin and chopped
The tooth-belly monster down. It swung
Its bony hands over her head and
She sliced it clear off. With her sword
In her possession it stood no chance.
She was covered in green blood with one
Thought on her mind; she was the baddest.

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Sanctified: Chapter 15- Strangers (Part 3)

The tiny cabin that held Dustin
Reeked of decay and rotten kitchen
Scraps, as if someone had started a
Compost pile but forgot to add
Paper towels for the carbon half.
Sedequa was shocked and somewhat peeved
That the newly released stone monsters
Managed to gain a human-puppet
Following in only eight hours.
The puppets had five hostages and
One of them sullied Sedequa’s sword
With their filthy cultish hands. “They’re dead,”
Sue whispered, “The ones worshipping the
Monsters.” Sedequa shot her a glare.
“Trust me,” Sue quickly added, “I know.”
They counted eight puppets and one tall,
Slimy beast with long fingers and sharp
Razor-shaped teeth, not in its head; the
Monster’s mouth was in its belly.
It hunched back and roared, its large green eyes
Spotting Sedequa as she burst through
The window, shooting the two puppets
Guarding the door. Sue kicked it down, fast,
Spraying bullets like she was playing
Connect the dots only shooting the
Monster’s servants. No plan, just bullets.

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Sanctified: Chapter 15- Strangers (Part 2)

They took Sedequa’s sword, so she had
To improvise. She ripped the giant
Stinger off the dead wasp-built monster
That crashed into their car, it was sharp
And it would have to do until she
Got Dustin and her sword back. Sue whipped
Out two automatic pistols from
Her shoulder bag and said, “I was out
At the gun range when those monsters
Attacked, so I took whatever I
Could carry over my shoulder.” She
Opened her bag, revealing amo
And two more pistols. “You know how to
Use one of these things?” Sedequa grabbed
A pistol, checked the magazine, and
Said, “We’re gonna find out.” Sue smiled and
Shook her head. “You pull and hold down the
Trigger and bullets will soar,” she said,
“Its fully automatic.” “Good. Those
Things ‘bout to find out who they messin’
With.” Sedequa squeezed the long stinger
In one hand and her new pistol in
The other.” I stopped the bleeding on
Your shoulder,” said Sue, as the started
Walking west, “Let me know if it hurts.”
“I’m fine,” she replied, staring ahead.

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Sanctified: Chapter 15- Strangers (Part 1)

Sadequa struggled to pop the bright
Buzzing in her ears as she laid on
The wet gravel; she couldn’t remember
When it started to rain or when she
Crawled out of the wreckage but the red
Haired woman holding the bottle of
Ice water to her lips made her all
The more frantic. “Where’s Dustin?” she coughed.
“Where’s my sword?” She wobbled to her feet,
A gust of dizziness forcing her
To lean on the woman. “They took him,”
She replied. “Who did?” Sedequa asked.
The woman lowered her head, “The ones
That came back.” Sedequa scrunched her nose.
“What are you talking about?” “They all
Came back, those killed by the statues. They
Became servants,” the woman said. ”They
Took your friend.” Sedequa rubbed her head.
“Which way did they take him?” she questioned.
“You can’t go after them. There’s seven
Armed brainless freaks out there and who knows
How many of those statue things they’re with.”
Sedequa snatched the cold bottle from
Her hand and took a sip. “I have to.”
The woman sighed and picked up her bag.
“Well I guess I’m going too. I’m Sue.”

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Short Intermission

Hello everybody!

Just wanted to let everyone who’s been reading and enjoying my stories thus far, I recently had eye surgery and have been under the weather. I have been delayed in posting my stories but as soon as I get around to formating them onto my blog, I will try to remain more consistent.

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Sanctified: Chapter 14- Bottom of the Food Chain

Reaching the outskirts of Portland was
No easy feat. Fosco’s dagger-tooth
Vibrated in his hand, he hadn’t dropped
     It since he used it to belly slice
     The spiky monster at the airport.
     Deep down in his bones, Fosco could sense
          That the tooth held great power and he
          Was chosen to wield against the beasts.
          But for good measure he equipped his
     Ragtag team of survivors with spikes
     And bones from the monsters he had slain.
     He wanted to be sure that any
Monster they ran into on their trek
Through the backroads of Portland they would
All have enough power to at least
     Take on the terrors awaiting them.
     “What do you think those things want?” The teen
     Girl asked as she walked next to Fosco.
          Fosco remained alert. “They’re devils
          Here to punish the world for its sins,”
          The man with the slicked back hair preached.
     “Bullshit,” Fosco scoffed, “They don’t care for
     Our crap. They’re here to reclaim the world
     At the top of the food chain.” “Where does
That leave you?” Asked the tall blonde man that
Jumped in front of them with a pistol.

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Sanctified: Chapter 13- Full on Deadly

Dustin took the back roads for the next
Hour, making sure to avoid big
Areas where panicking drivers
Could cause a ruckus of terror and
Trouble. He knew how wild people could
     Get when the sky came tumbling down.
     “What do you think those things are,” he said.
     Sedequa shook her head and turned back
     To her sword in the back seat; was she
     Destined to battle those stoned creatures,
Did she have some ancient power to
Send them back from the hell they clawed out
Of? If she had the answer she would
Have probably still chosen to find her
Brother over hiding out till the
     Danger was over. She took a deep
     Breath and said, “I think they’re relics from
     Harsher times ready to reclaim a
     World damaged by humans. But to be
     Honest we’re probably not a blip
          On their radar.” Dustin laughed and said,
          “Well some of us. You gave a couple
          Of them something to fear.” Sedequa
          Smiled, almost ignoring the great
          Big wasp-built monster bust into the
Hood of Dustin’s car; a full on crash.

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Sanctified: Chapter 12- Skin, Bone, Entrails

Fosco could not fully wrap his hand
Around the giant fang, trying not
To gross himself out as the bloody
Tooth pulsed in his grasp, shooting a buzz
Of searing energy through his bones.
The spiny beast shot into the air
And Fosco plunged the fang into it’s
Belly as he slid underneath the
Monster. It shrieked as Fosco dragged the
Tooth down it’s stomach, entrails and green
Goo splattered to the floor and onto
Fosco’s face. He gagged as the beast
Dropped dead; Fosco’s skin slithered as he tried
To shake off the beasts insides from his
Body. “That’s two of those things you’ve killed,”
A red haired woman choked out, “you must
Be blessed by an Angel.” Fosco scoffed,
“I’m just trying not to get eaten.”
A young man with baggy jeans jumped up
And said, “Well guide us to the promise
Land since you know how to face these fiends.”
Fosco took a deep breath and said, “I
Have some place to be tomorrow and
These ‘fiends’ ain’t gon’ stop me.” The other
Survivors glanced at each other and
Silently agreed to follow him.

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Sanctified: Chapter 11: Wield It Like Its Yours

Sedequa raised her sword, nice and slow,
Her gaze trapping the feathery beast.
“Come and get you a piece, she challenged.
It must have recognized the look in
Her eyes, or maybe it was the way
     She wielded her sword that made the beats
     Shriek in terror and fly away. “Dang,”
     Sedequa huffed, her arm twitching as
     She lowered her sword. The man behind
     Her turned her around and said, I know
A safe place to take shelter.” She shook
Her head. “My brother’s expecting me
In Portland.” Sedequa replied, not
Concerned with explaining it further.
“This ain’t the time for no damn road trip,”
     The man argued. Sedequa swung her
     Sword in front of her and said, “Do what
     You must, I can take care of myself.”
     “Damn,” the man frowned. “Well you’re the one with
     The holy blade these things seem to be
          Terrified of so I’ll stick with you.”
          Sedequa grinned and said, “Teamwork sounds
          Great, with dozens of these things loose out
          There, the Trek to Portland may be wild.”
          “Lead the way,” he said, “By the way, I’m
Dustin.” “Call me Sedi.” Time to leap.

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