I Write with Love

My love of horror goes deep and being Black and Mexican and queer, seeing characters who look like me or who have similar backgrounds to mine was always a challenge. It was a struggle and journey to find authors and filmmakers and media in general that I could connect with on an identity level. And for me reading books and stories, watching films, and experiencing art and music has always been about finding a connection on multiple levels not just emotion, but identity, experience, and culture.

So I CHOOSE to write fiction that is diverse, multicultural, multiracial, multi-ethnic, Queer, gender fluid, and complex. I want to share my horror stories, fantasy tales, Sci-Fi dreams, and wild, mysterious adventures with the world especially those fans like myself who search high and low, far and wide, for media that connects with their identity and culture.

Check out some of my diverse horror below:


31 Nights of Halloween: FRIDAY THE 13TH

Happy FRIDAY the 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frika was not having it, not that night, eight hot, long
Repulsive days riding around on that bus had her
Incredibly pushed passed her breaking point, Frika was
Done being polite, she spread her black bag on her seat
And when the man with the black cowboy hat boarded the
Yellow Wolfe bus she looked out the window and acted

Tired, so she wouldn’t have to sit next to one more
Hot-blooded asshole, fantasizing about fucking
Every woman on the tiny toilet in the back

Too bad she didn’t know who he was when she did that
Hell broke loose as soon as the sun set, the bus broke down
In the middle of nowhere, the driver stepped out to
Repair the engine; he disappeared quick, with a scream
The passengers began panicking as one-by-one
Everyone who left the bus began getting snatched up
Even more terrifying was the look on his face
Not fear or worry, the man with the black cowboy hat
Tilted his head and watched as terror took over, but
He chose the wrong bus; Frika had tricks in her black bag


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