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My love of horror goes deep and being Black and Mexican and queer, seeing characters who look like me or who have similar backgrounds to mine was always a challenge. It was a struggle and journey to find authors and filmmakers and media in general that I could connect with on an identity level. And for me reading books and stories, watching films, and experiencing art and music has always been about finding a connection on multiple levels not just emotion, but identity, experience, and culture.

So I CHOOSE to write fiction that is diverse, multicultural, multiracial, multi-ethnic, Queer, gender fluid, and complex. I want to share my horror stories, fantasy tales, Sci-Fi dreams, and wild, mysterious adventures with the world especially those fans like myself who search high and low, far and wide, for media that connects with their identity and culture.

Check out some of my diverse horror below:


This is Love, This is Murder: Day 7

Today’s theme is adultery and a song that has always brought the idea of cheating and adultery to my mind is “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson. The song is one of my favorites. I love the instrumental, specifically the edgier feel of pop to it. The lyrics though, are somewhat of a different topic. The song is about a woman who is a fan of musicians (groupie as referred to by MJ), who is looking for sex, fame, and attention from him and his band. According to the lyrics she is willing to do anything to get him into her bed while searching for the fame his celebrity has to offer her.

I love music and I believe that every aspect of a song from the music itself to the sound, tempo, and weight of the lyrics themselves, are utilized to express deeper meanings of songs. For example, singing sweet and soft to a heavy synth instrumental can express venerability in heavy/serious situations. The way a song is performed is as much a testament to its meaning as the literal meaning of the lyrics.

With all that being said, I want to discuss Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” in comparison to “D.D” by The Weeknd. Back in 2011 The Weeknd released a cover of “Dirty Diana” with a darker, Rhythm & Blues sound to it. I love it as much if not more than the original and there are many reasons why but the main reason is that The Weeknd utilizes his voice to express a different side of the lyrics than Michael Jackson’s original version.

In MJ’s version of the song his approach to the lyrics is very outspoken and confident. When he is talking abut Diana he sings in a very strong head voice. He sings the verses very assure of what he is saying, which is very accusatory. He is calling Diana out on her intentions to seduce and sleep with him. The tone and range of his voice, to me, speak volumes about who he sees as the instigator/seducer (Diana) and who he considers to be the victim of the seduction (himself). Vocal tones, voice timber, voice intensity, range/register, and even the key a song is sung in all help in telling the story of the song.

The Weeknd’s version is extremely different when discussing the way he sings the song. First, his voice starts off very shaky and soft and it slowly builds weight and attitude; by the end of the first verse he is singing with a small growl/screech. In my opinion, he sings the first verse this way to distinguish his feelings for the lyrics and for Diana differently than Michael Jackson’s version. Instead of being assure of his feelings and of Diana’s “seductive powers” The Weeknd sings the verse this way to explore his own role in his potentially adulterous relationship with Diana; he shows nervousness with his shaky vocals to establish that even though he is accusing Diana, he knows deep inside that she is not at fault and that he is a grown man and responsible for his own actions. He even solidified this by singing the last word (hand) of the first verse in falsetto to represent the understanding he has as a musician blaming the “groupie.” Falsetto is a register that allows for vocals to be vulnerable as well as reveal desires or true feelings/faces in a situation.

The second and third verses are slightly different, they are both shaky but less confrontational than the ending of the first verse. Sometimes it is difficult to catch every syllable of every word in the second and third verses of the song. The last line of the second verse is “I’ll be your everything if you make me a star.” a quote from Diana. He starts off singing this line strong then ends it very soft and almost inaudible to represent that he knows he is using Diana even though she thinks she is using him to get fame. And he feels ashamed for knowingly doing this.

In the third verse, The Weeknd’s voice becomes very whinny and gives off a desperate feel. The lyrics in the third verse reveal that Diana is aware of the musician’s relationship and doesn’t care. MJ’s voice in the third verse is powerful which makes his lyrics sound accusatory, he sings the song this way to express his regret of getting involved with a groupie and for hurting his lover who is waiting for him at home. But he also sings the verse this way to establish that he was a victim of Diana and now that he sees that he just wants to be back with his baby and pretend like nothing happened. The Weeknd sings this verse with a whinny tone to express that he knows he has done wrong and he accepts that it is his own fault and not Diana’s, he still loves his baby and he regrets hurting her and he utilizes his voice to express that he is solely to blame. But this can also be interpreted as being a moment where The Weeknd is caught and decides to grovel in hopes of not losing his lover (the whining can be internal (he’s crying to himself) or external(he’s begging for his lover not to leave)).

When Michael Jackson sings the chorus: which is Dirty Diana repeatedly, he sings it with a powerful head voice. He sings it this way to express her power as a seductress and to place the blame on her for knowingly seducing a musician. When The Weeknd sings the chorus each one is different than the last. The first chorus is powerful and in a head voice filled with vibrato. He sings it this way to show two things, first that he is trying to put the blame on Diana for being a groupie and he adds the extra vibrato to show that he does not completely believe that she is to blame.

In the second chorus, The Weeknd sings in a warm chest voice with less vibrato than the first chorus and then on the second half of the second chorus he sings in a soft falsetto, ending the last “Dirty Diana” in a head voice belt before singing the last line, “let me be” in a sweet falsetto. He does this to establish that he is beginning to realize that Diana is not the problem but rather it is him for going out of his relationship again. The chorus changes so much in the second round because he is battling with his conscience and his ego, that wishes to cheat and not feel badly about it. He wants to use Diana and have no regrets and no apologies about it. This is important because the second chorus also introduces a background voice singing “ohs” as The Weeknd sings this chorus. The ohs act as inner voices/his conscience that he is fighting to ignore while his ego tries to blame Diana.

The final chorus changes it up completely; The Weeknd sings runs while the background “ohs” sing the chorus in a falsetto. This final chorus is meant to represent that The Weeknd has finally accepted his role in the affair and his ego has been beaten out by his conscience which feels guilty for hurting is lover and using Diana. He sings the runs/ad libs in head voice to express his remorse in using these two parties, and to show that he understands that Diana is a human with feelings and does not deserve to be treated as an object to be used by magicians on the road with no remorse.

The main reason I enjoy The Weeknd’s version so much is because he used his voice to tell a common story with nuance. Michael Jackson’s version is amazing and one of my favorites but his vocals made it clear that the lyrics were meant to be interpreted as is. The Weeknd used his voice to give an alternative meaning to the lyrics. This is why I love music; it can be interpreted and experienced in many different ways.

Check out the songs below and leave a comment on this post letting me know if you agree or disagree with any of my analysis. I always gladly welcome discussion!!!


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Lyrics & Photography

I wrote this song my sophomore year of college. And I found this accompanying photo on Unsplash, an awesome website that collects photographs under the license of Creative Commons Zero (which is a license that allows people to use these images completely free of charge for any purpose, including, sharing, editing, and for commercial use.) So if you’re a blogger and you’re looking for images to use on your blog that won’t get you fined check out the Unsplash website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest. But enough with the shameless promotion haha.

This particular photo reminded me of the mindset I was in when I wrote this song. I was crushing on a new friend and couldn’t get them out of my mind and I wrote this song as a way to deal with the fact that they liked me too but because of our personalities we didn’t mesh as a couple, but even then I still wanted to be with them.

Be Mine

Verse #1:
You kiss me slowly and I glow.
You look at me and I never want to go.
Why can’t you see you’re all I need?
We come from the same star, you were made for me.

Be mine; you’re all that I need.
You are the one, the one of my dreams.
Baby you’ve got my heart; you have my soul.
Will you be mine? And I’ll be yours.

Verse #2:
You smile at me and I know.
You hold me close. I never want to let go.
When will you realize that you’re my soul mate?
We belong together for now and for always.

Chorus: 2x’s
Be mine; you’re all that I need.
You are the one, the one of my dreams.
Baby you’ve got my heart; you have my soul.
Will you be mine? And I’ll be yours.

Stop playing now you know that I’m in love with you.
Cause even in my dreams I always seems to think of you.
Day or night you’re on my mind.
Rain or snow you’re all I know.
Come on baby don’t ever let me go.
I’ll be by your side all the time. You can count on me.
Baby it’s you that I want when will you see?
When will you finally see, you’re the one for me.

Chorus: 3x’s
Be mine; you’re all that I need.
You are the one, the one of my dreams.
Baby you’ve got my heart; you have my soul.
Will you be mine? And I’ll be yours.


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Poetry & Music: Soneto Cinco, Cuatro, y Cinco

I love music; when I write, I like to escape into the sounds of melodies and harmonies and bass, like a soundtrack to my stories and poetry. One artist who has recently inspired me is Carla Morrison, a Mexican indie-pop singer, songwriter, and composer. Her music and voice are beautiful and stirring. They provoke deep thought and emotion. I have written a sonnet inspired by her song Disfruto..

She Waits: A Soneto Cinco, Cuatro, y Cinco

Mari waited in the shadows
Knowing she might meet the gallows
But she was not afraid at all
She came to far to let it fall
Her heart was no longer hallow

And it was all because of her
Celia made Mari secure
She saved Mari from her dark past
A life she feared would always last

No one in their town understood
Mari did not expect they could
And now she waited in the night
For her love to swoop in and fight
The rejection she hoped she would…

*Soneto Cinco, Cuatro y Cinco: a 14 line poem based on the Spanish Quintain and each stanza normally follows the rhyme scheme, except to keep it in conformance of the sonnet, the middle stanza consists only of two rhyming couplets. Here is the rhyme scheme: aabba ccdd eeffe or abbaa ccdd effee. Each line has 8 syllables.

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New Blog, New Adventures!!!

Greg Rakozy
Photo by Greg Rakozy from Unsplash.com

So after the success and fun I had writing my 365 Days of Creativity blog in 2015, I have decided to continue with my creative writing adventures with a new blog titled fiction. art. music. which will not be as busy as my last blog which I wrote a post every single day for an entire year but will be a blog that I will write on as I am inspired. Writing everyday was a lot of fun and a lot of work and now that I know I can do it, I am ready to challenge myself to create more. This blog will consist of short stories, poetry, photographs, film, videos, music, paintings, drawings, artwork and any other work that I feel inspired to share.

I will set some rules for myself, first one being that I must post at least twice per week. Also, I will not be writing on weekends, this will force me to keep a writing/creating schedule that can go along with my work schedule.

I hope you all enjoy!

I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.

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