New Blog, New Adventures!!!

Greg Rakozy
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So after the success and fun I had writing my 365 Days of Creativity blog in 2015, I have decided to continue with my creative writing adventures with a new blog titled fiction. art. music. which will not be as busy as my last blog which I wrote a post every single day for an entire year but will be a blog that I will write on as I am inspired. Writing everyday was a lot of fun and a lot of work and now that I know I can do it, I am ready to challenge myself to create more. This blog will consist of short stories, poetry, photographs, film, videos, music, paintings, drawings, artwork and any other work that I feel inspired to share.

I will set some rules for myself, first one being that I must post at least twice per week. Also, I will not be writing on weekends, this will force me to keep a writing/creating schedule that can go along with my work schedule.

I hope you all enjoy!

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