All Things Pretty & Wicked: Chapter 4- Switch Up

Saavedra craved more.
“You speak from experience?”
Lexi inhaled and kissed the girls neck,
“I grew up on a farm with two sisters and two
Loving parents. The first chance I got
I ran off to the city.”
Saavedra perked up

“I met a boy. I
Was in love with him. He was
In love with heroin, so was I;
We quickly got sucked into the city’s pull.
We made the wrong friends, and we
Sold our souls to the devil.
Or some evil force.”

Saavedra shivered.
“I killed and tortured dozens
For this evil force. She gave me all
I could ever dream, and when the blood dried up
The skeletons wouldn’t leave me.”
“I don’t like this metaphor.”
Saavedra cackled.

Her nerves took over
Saavedra jumped out of bed.
Lexi stood next to her, tears dripping.
“I have to regain a piece of my soul back
Don’t give in to it’s pull.” She pulled out
A giant blade and shoved it
Into her own heart.

Saavedra screamed and dashed straight to
Lexi, pulling the knife from her chest, hoping to
Stop what came next.

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One thought on “All Things Pretty & Wicked: Chapter 4- Switch Up

  1. Wtf is going on? I’m a little confused. Guess I’ll have to keep reading what’s next. I would like to connect with you and discuss this style of writing lol but Foreal tho!

    Liked by 1 person

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