All Things Pretty & Wicked: Chapter 3- The Worst

Lexi. Her name flowed
From her lips like a cool stream
Of extasy. Saavedra could not
Take her eyes off of the scrumptous brunette’s mouth.
She wanted to get lost on her tongue,
At least for the night, at least
To cleanse her of shame.

When she was finished
And she was all squeaky clean
They laid in bed chatting and laughing.
“Where you from? How long you been out? Who’s your fav
Pussycat Doll?” Saavedra made sure
To get all the important
Questions out the way.

Lexi licked her lips
And said, “I hate the city;
And not cause it’s crowded or cause it
Smells. The city has the personality
Of a snob.” Saavedra flinched and asked,
“You mean like the people or…”
“Not even,” she said.

She was invested
“Tell me, what do you mean then?”
Lexi grinned and said, “Its like a vibe
The country can be vicious but its humble.
If you mistreat it, its adapts but
If you ignore the city
It’ll maul your head off.”

A sweet country girl in her bed,
Full of mystery and a wild-ride backstory
Quite exquisite.

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