All Things Pretty & Wicked: Chapter 2- Go to Town

Her heart was shattered.
Again, Saavedra fell for
A closeted girl who was so
Afraid of what her friends would think that she blamed
And accused Saavedra of being
A pussy hungry “dyke” on
The hunt for straight girls.

Saavedra preferred
Women-loving women or
At least women who were Queer; straight girls
Did not turn her on at all. She was always
A Romantic who wanted to be
With a woman who wanted
To be with her too.

So when the brunette
Hit on her at Shayna’s Pub
Without as much as a hint of shame
She gladly followed the woman to her room.
Saavedra found a quick distraction
To ease her stormy mind and
Wash away her shame.

Five foot eight and thick,
Saavedra loved her women
To have a body she could squeeze on.
The brunette pushed her onto the tiny bed
In the musky motel room, pulling
Her shirt over her head fast.
Their lips met again.

Saavedra had no routine
For mending a broken heart. Sexing strangers
Was new terrain.

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