Sanctified: Chapter 15- Strangers (Part 2)

They took Sedequa’s sword, so she had
To improvise. She ripped the giant
Stinger off the dead wasp-built monster
That crashed into their car, it was sharp
And it would have to do until she
Got Dustin and her sword back. Sue whipped
Out two automatic pistols from
Her shoulder bag and said, “I was out
At the gun range when those monsters
Attacked, so I took whatever I
Could carry over my shoulder.” She
Opened her bag, revealing amo
And two more pistols. “You know how to
Use one of these things?” Sedequa grabbed
A pistol, checked the magazine, and
Said, “We’re gonna find out.” Sue smiled and
Shook her head. “You pull and hold down the
Trigger and bullets will soar,” she said,
“Its fully automatic.” “Good. Those
Things ‘bout to find out who they messin’
With.” Sedequa squeezed the long stinger
In one hand and her new pistol in
The other.” I stopped the bleeding on
Your shoulder,” said Sue, as the started
Walking west, “Let me know if it hurts.”
“I’m fine,” she replied, staring ahead.

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