Sanctified: Chapter 15- Strangers (Part 1)

Sadequa struggled to pop the bright
Buzzing in her ears as she laid on
The wet gravel; she couldn’t remember
When it started to rain or when she
Crawled out of the wreckage but the red
Haired woman holding the bottle of
Ice water to her lips made her all
The more frantic. “Where’s Dustin?” she coughed.
“Where’s my sword?” She wobbled to her feet,
A gust of dizziness forcing her
To lean on the woman. “They took him,”
She replied. “Who did?” Sedequa asked.
The woman lowered her head, “The ones
That came back.” Sedequa scrunched her nose.
“What are you talking about?” “They all
Came back, those killed by the statues. They
Became servants,” the woman said. ”They
Took your friend.” Sedequa rubbed her head.
“Which way did they take him?” she questioned.
“You can’t go after them. There’s seven
Armed brainless freaks out there and who knows
How many of those statue things they’re with.”
Sedequa snatched the cold bottle from
Her hand and took a sip. “I have to.”
The woman sighed and picked up her bag.
“Well I guess I’m going too. I’m Sue.”

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