All Things Pretty & Wicked: Chapter 1- Kiss & Tell

Saavedra almost
Burst into tears when the door
Flew open and Cara screamed bloody
Murder as all of her party guests witnessed
The kiss. Gasps, sneers, and laughs and howls filled
Saavedra with shame and rage
All in one big gulp.

She was not ready,
Not for rejection like that,
Sure, she did not know if Cara was
Gay, but in her defense she made the first move.
She never would have kissed Cara if
She had not grabbed her ass first.
She was mortified.

She pushed through the crowd
Keeping her chin low as she
Shoved drunk frat boys and sorority girls
Left and right, making her way through the giant
House. The entire school year had been
Miserable; no gay kids
Of color at all.

That was the last time
Saavedra went to a straight
Party, especially in that hick-
Ass small town. She was glad the semester was
Over and she could drive home and spend
The summer applying to
More accepting schools.

Saavedra thought college would
Be wondrous and liberating but small minds
Roamed free there, too.

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