Sanctified: Chapter 13- Full on Deadly

Dustin took the back roads for the next
Hour, making sure to avoid big
Areas where panicking drivers
Could cause a ruckus of terror and
Trouble. He knew how wild people could
     Get when the sky came tumbling down.
     “What do you think those things are,” he said.
     Sedequa shook her head and turned back
     To her sword in the back seat; was she
     Destined to battle those stoned creatures,
Did she have some ancient power to
Send them back from the hell they clawed out
Of? If she had the answer she would
Have probably still chosen to find her
Brother over hiding out till the
     Danger was over. She took a deep
     Breath and said, “I think they’re relics from
     Harsher times ready to reclaim a
     World damaged by humans. But to be
     Honest we’re probably not a blip
          On their radar.” Dustin laughed and said,
          “Well some of us. You gave a couple
          Of them something to fear.” Sedequa
          Smiled, almost ignoring the great
          Big wasp-built monster bust into the
Hood of Dustin’s car; a full on crash.

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