Sanctified: Chapter 12- Skin, Bone, Entrails

Fosco could not fully wrap his hand
Around the giant fang, trying not
To gross himself out as the bloody
Tooth pulsed in his grasp, shooting a buzz
Of searing energy through his bones.
The spiny beast shot into the air
And Fosco plunged the fang into it’s
Belly as he slid underneath the
Monster. It shrieked as Fosco dragged the
Tooth down it’s stomach, entrails and green
Goo splattered to the floor and onto
Fosco’s face. He gagged as the beast
Dropped dead; Fosco’s skin slithered as he tried
To shake off the beasts insides from his
Body. “That’s two of those things you’ve killed,”
A red haired woman choked out, “you must
Be blessed by an Angel.” Fosco scoffed,
“I’m just trying not to get eaten.”
A young man with baggy jeans jumped up
And said, “Well guide us to the promise
Land since you know how to face these fiends.”
Fosco took a deep breath and said, “I
Have some place to be tomorrow and
These ‘fiends’ ain’t gon’ stop me.” The other
Survivors glanced at each other and
Silently agreed to follow him.

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