Sanctified: Chapter 9: Power

Sedequa grinned, wielding the ancient
Weapon as if it was meant for her
And no one else. The beast growled, it’s eyes
Throwing daggers of rage and envy
As it sprinted on all fours straight to
     Sedequa. It heals fast, she thought, but
     Even monsters need their heads to breathe.
     She leaped into the air, the long sword
     Tight between her hands; the beast was not
     Quick enough and Sedequa shoved the
Sword straight into the back of its skull.
It came out of the beasts mouth making
A loud clank as it hit the tiled
Floor. The beast fell limp and Sedequa
Snatched the sword out of its skull, her sword.
     The man with the dark eyes swept Sedequa
     By the waist and said, “We gotta get
     Far away from here.” He pulled her to
     The emergency exit, his arms
     Shaking as he kicked the door open.
          Sedequa did not let go of her
          New weapon as she followed the man.
          A giant feathered beast with talons
          Darted in front of them; Sedequa
          Smirked and said, “Stay behind me.” She squeezed
The sword and saw her future. Power.

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