Sanctified: Chapter 6- Misery

The woman’s screaming was contagious
And soon everyone at the rental
Desk was screaming and fleeing as
    A beast with blue scales and giant wings
    Crashed through the airport lobby windows.
    It stood on its hind legs, brass talons
        Clicking on the floor as its wings wrapped
        Around its shoulders like a robe; it
        Shoved and clawed, walking through the roaring
    Crowd. It was searching for just the right
    Prey and Fosco could have sworn the beast
    Had a grin rubbed across its mouth when
It spotted him with his luggage still
Squeezed tight in his hand; the big copper-
Colored clunker his lawyer bought him
    After he won his case. Six years and
    The metal box looked like something from
    A junkyard. The beast chose its prey and
        Stretched out its long arms, spreading sharp claws.
        It sprinted through baggage claim toward the
        Car rental desk, its sight determined
    On Fosco. Saliva spilling from
    Its fangs as it pounced in front of him.
    Fosco did not pause or hesitate.
He raised his suitcase above his fro
And slammed his luggage on the beasts head.

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