Sanctified: Chapter 5- Line after Line

Fosco hated airports almost as
Much as he hated motels. It wasn’t
The fact that they were crowded or the
    Smell that somehow managed to be an
    Overbearing mix of mildew and
    Fabric softener, it was the lines.
        The thought of being stuck in line when
        Shit popped off made Fosco’s toes tingle.
        His instincts were to lay hands first and
    Ask questions when the mofo was on
    The floor, he wouldn’t know how to react
    Standing in a line of panicking,
Screaming people. So when he got off
The plane at PDX, he rejoiced
That he was done with required lines.
    He waited in a short queue to pick
    Up his rental car, catching a glimpse
    Of the video the guy ahead
        Of him was watching. Screams and growls were
        Followed by the unsteady voice of
        A news reporter. “The monsters seem
    To be moving south of Seattle.
    Everyone close should remain indoors.
    The National Guard has been deployed…”
The anchor was interrupted by
The woman screaming beside Fosco.

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