Sanctified: Chapter 4- Watch It Crack

Sedequa’s spine seared as the screeches
Shook the museum, the man with the
Dark eyes swiftly looked around—cracks—crumble.
The giant statue in front of the
Two strangers quivered as cracks spread all
    Throughout the winged beast’s body. It’s large
    Eyes lit up red and the beast came to
    Life. It roared as it shook off the stone
    Chips that once engulfed its body. They
    Were real. Panic quickly swept across
The museum, screams of deathly sights
Flooding the building. Sedequa
Watched, her legs frozen, as a large cat
Statue went from gray to a vibrant
Green covered in pink spikes and pounced on
    A young woman running to the door.
    It devoured her. “Get down,” the man
    Shouted, wrapping his arms around her
    Waist and rolling to the floor as the
    Winged monster flew over, fangs ready
        To rip into human flesh. They were
        Alive and hungry, tearing through the
        Museum and breaking through windows
        And walls. They were craving flesh, yearning
        To be free. Free to hunt, free to kill,
Just as Sedequa pined for freedom.

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