Sanctified: Chapter 1- The Letter

                                        January 3, 2019
Fossy, it’s been a long time. I bet
You’re surprised to be hearing from me
After all these years. I miss you.
I was watching the news yesterday
It was about those creature statues
    They found in the Congo Rainforest
    And that show popped into my head, the
    One about the gargoyles, it made
    Me think of you, when we were kids.
    A lot has happened in the last six years.
I’ve finally finished school and
I stuck to a major, you know I was
Never good at commitment. I just
Started a new job at a middle
School, working with at risk youth; trying
    To make a difference. I also got
    Back into church, yeah, I’m going to
    Church again. It’s been… a real blessing.
    I’m heading back home on the 9th. I
    Know I didn’t leave on good terms,
        I know what I did was far beyond
        Betrayal, and I have no excuse
        But I want to see my big brother.
        “When I am afraid, I will put my
        Trust in you.” -Psalm 56:3 Love
Always, Your little sister, Sedi

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