Day 10: Dinner w/ the Joneses

An older horror story I wrote a couple of years ago.

365 Days of Creativity

Dominic almost had to remind himself to exhale as he followed Rick up the driveway of the gigantic two-story house. Dominic had never been inside of such a big house. He was accustomed to the old busted apartment complexes in Chicago and the trailer park of his great aunt in Texas. The suburbs were all too new to him. That was surprising even in the 1950’s especially since most of the US population was trading up and moving into suburban communities to fulfill the American dream of bigger and better. Rick pushed open the front door and called out to his parents. Dominic followed behind, admiring the beautiful architecture of the entrance way. The heat from the house gently caressed his brown face as he watched Rick move throughout the house calling out to his parents. Rick was tall with brown messy hair and blue eyes, everyone at school adored…

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