31 Nights of Halloween: Night 30

I want to be
I want to
I want to be free

I want
To do
And say
And think
And feel
The way I do
Having to explain
Or consider
What everyone else feels
Or thinks
Or wants

I don’t
I don’t want
To put
Everyone else
I want to
Put ME first
For once
For always
I’m sick of trying not
To hurt feelings
While everyone else
Hurts mine

Why do I
Have to watch
What I say
What I do
How I feel
How I smile
While everyone else
Gets to be loud
And rude
And disgusting
With no one telling them
How to behave
No one telling them
That their emotions
Are crazy
And nonsense

Just let me dance
Just let me sing
Just let me be
Just let me be


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