31 Nights of Halloween: Night 28

Twist and turn
My words all you want
Tell me fifty-leven how
It’s not what it looks like
You didn’t mean to
Or, my ultimate favorite,
It takes two to tango
All it takes is your to
Go out and get you dick wet
With someone who isn’t me
And all the curses and hexes
Of all my ancestors
Come flowing out of my mouth
To forsake you
And banish the evil that you summoned
When you told me you loved me
And promised me forever
Only to play yourself when you
Thought that you could
Treat me like another piece of ass
Know this, lover,
Never mess with a hood witch
Who is not afraid to summon
The dead from beneath
The concrete
To snatch you up and
Carry your ugly heart back
To the Nether regions with them
I will necromance my broken heart
Back together again
And then dance as the spirits
Torment you with
Limp-dick and blue balls
Please remember that, the next time you
Find yourself slipping
I’m not as forgiving as the last bitch
You fucked with
The Right One


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