31 Nights of Halloween: Night 26

Read me a little story
A story filled with adventure and magic
A story about love and betrayal
A story about courage and fear
A story where true love is out there waiting for someone to risk it all
I want to hear a tale of valiance and danger
A tale filled with terror and thrill
Where the brown-eyed princess saves the prince and
The beautiful, curly-haired knight fights off hordes of zombies for the love of his king
Find me an ancient riddle about the meaning of life
And the beauty of choice
A riddle about fate being in the hands of those who embrace their own power
And choose to fight for their dreams
Give me a piece of lore that seeps of mystery and revenge
Lore that teaches and encourages
Folklore that warns of the dangers of not believing
Read me a story
A story that I can see myself in


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