Take My Heart Ransom: a Poem

After we first met, I thought you would
Be the one to cherish me
Crazy, Sexy, Cool love
Don’t mean a thing unless you come
Everyday from your heart, everyday a new start

Forget the things I can not do
Gracefully respect the wild things I do so well
Hop into formation
Ignite my fire baby
Just listen and you’ll find the way

Knowledge and comfort, can be a mystery
Let the fire burn between us
My heart will never let the flame die out
Nothing can come between us
Others stay insecure about the connection we share

Pick me up and carry me
Quite the exploration
Resist all the temptation to
Strip me bare naked
Take a breath, inhale me

Under-sheet fantasy
Very complicated, the way you mesmerize me
With just one glance I belong to you
X-ray vision,
You see right through me, undo me, lift me up and make me woozy; don’t let go, hold on to me forever baby. You take me much higher than I’ve been before. With you I am armored.

Zig-zag my mind, my heart is all yours


*Abecedarium/abecedarius: Any poem having words or stanzas beginning with successive letters of the alphabet.

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