Concrete Kingdom- Episode 1: Sugar Deluxe- Chapter 1

For my new Urban Fantasy novella series, Concrete Kingdom, I will be releasing each part as episodes. The series is about two childhood friends who have taken different paths in their adult lives, find their lives intertwined after a series of ritualistic murders in their home city bring them back together. Here is chapter 1 of episode 1. Let me know what you think so far!

The beautiful hues of the evening sky mesmerized Taliyah as she peered out of the window of the city bus. It was the first time she had been in the city by herself after four P.M., it was exciting and a little frightening. The stories her granddaddy had told her about the things that come out after dark kept herConcrete Kingdom_Final from wandering around the city too late at night. But it had been weeks since Brian had texted her to hang out and he sounded like he really missed her. When the bus finally reached her stop, Taliyah climbed off and hurried down the street.

She pushed through the iron gate of the big, red-brick apartment complex and made her way inside. She made her way to the elevator and rode it to the fifth floor. When the elevator opened she walked down the hall to room 507. She took a deep breath and knocked four times. The door swung open and Brian stood in front of her with a giant smile on his face. Before she even got all the way through the front door his hands were all over her.

Taliyah’s soft, golden brown skin tingled as Brian’s rough fingers danced down her bare back. She let out a soft moan, trying to contain her excitement. The way he touched and caressed her body made her want to scream at the top of her lungs in ecstasy; he knew her body very well. She slammed the front door and pressed her full, red lips against Brian’s soft brown lips; she never wanted to stop. He picked her up and put her on the kitchen table, as he continued to tear off her white, backless dress. Taliyah ripped off Brian’s button-up shirt and continued kissing his lips; he never took his hands off of her. Playing her body like a guitar, Brian forced an acoustic array of excited melodies from Taliyah’s mouth as he touched her in all of her favorite spots. He pulled down her dress and gently kissed her neck. Taliyah moaned as his lips traced down her body, every nerve on fire. Taliyah pushed Brian off of her, took off her panties, and walked to the bedroom.

“Tonight’s the night,” she teased and tossed her panties at Brian’s bare chest.
He quickly took off his shoes and pants then followed Taliyah into his bedroom with a giant smile on his face.

Taliyah gave Brian one more kiss before putting on her panties, grabbing her cell phone, and hurrying into the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and turned on the sink. She was so excited, she had to call her sister and tell her that she and Brian finally had sex. She told her sister everything, they were best friends. Taliyah quickly pressed her sister’s number and waited for it to ring. No answer. She must be working; Taliyah thought as she turned off the sink and grabbed the door knob to exit the bathroom. She froze as the sound of an angry conversation filled her ears. Brian was talking to someone. Taliyah pushed her ear against the door, straining to listen.

“Did you really think you could just take my sh*t and skip town?” an unfamiliar voice questioned.

“I don’t want any part of this,” Brian cried, “I just need the money.”

“I have big plans for this city. And some hood-rat like you won’t be the one to f*ck this up,” the voice declared.

Taliyah heard a smack and Brian’s cry. “Who’d you sell it to, b*tch?” the unfamiliar voice demanded.

“A Ra-Houxi shop on Eighth Street,” Brian choked out, “it’s run by an old man. Please, don’t kill me.”

The man let out a wicked laugh, it made Taliyah’s heart shake and rattle against her ribcage; his deep, wicked laugh reminded her of the scary stories her granddaddy used to tell her about the horrors of Indigo City.

“There are so many things far worse than death, brotha,” the unfamiliar voice replied.

Shit, this motherf*cker got me caught up in some bullsh*t, Taliyah thought as the unfamiliar voice ordered someone to check the rest of the apartment. She looked around nervously for some kind of weapon; there was nothing but a plunger and some bleach under the sink. She quickly grabbed the heavy top of the toilet tank and readied herself to fight, she quickly noticed a gun stored in a Ziploc bag inside the toilet tank and quickly pulled it out; it was fully loaded. She was so glad her granddaddy had taught her how to use his pistol when she was a kid. She raised the gun as the bathroom door busted open and she fired three shots and jumped over the bulky man that fell in front of her. She ran out of the bedroom and straight to the door and didn’t stop, until another man, dressed in an all-white suit swung his golden cane at her head and she fell to the ground, dropping the gun. Kaliyah’s heart was racing as she rolled over onto her back and looked up at the tall, Black man, his wicked grin revealing a golden grill.

“You’ve been holding out on me, Brian,” the man said, his grin growing, “maybe I have use for you after all.”

Kaliyah rubbed the back of her head and saw the blood in her hand, and then everything went dark.

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