New Novella Serials

Hello! I have begun writing two new free novella series one which is Urban Fantasy and one that is a Space Western. Urban Fantasy to me is a story where the city is as much of a character as any person in the story; for me this is a very important concept/definition because much of what is considered “contemporary urban fantasy” completely ignores two things in the genre. One being the city as a central point/character of the stfox-in-the-streetfgory (authors will have a setting that is not urban but rather rural which to me makes no sense) and two is the diversity which is present in all major cities in America and even Europe (e.g. New York City, Chicago, LA, Hollywood, London, Paris, etc.). Without both of these points present I do not consider these stories Urban Fiction.

This mistake comes along when writers are struggling to classify their stories. I love many different genres and I enjoy writing in genres that mix or cross, so I don’t get upset when novels that are more Paranormal Romance end up in the Urban Fantasy section, but as a writer who believes that reading is the way to improve ones own writing, it can be annoying when reading a specific genre, like Urban Fantasy only to discover that the book you thought you were reading to improve your skills in writing Urban Fantasy stories is actually of no particularsouthwest-design-1-23441281361702fVXrrular help in that specific genre. But that is all just my own opinion.

My Space Western novel came along as a new character began speaking to me. His name is Micquel and I couldn’t get him out of my head so I sat down and started writing. He explained to me that he was a decedent of scientists from Earth who traveled to Mars to help finish terraforming the planet before they lost contact with Earth and were forced to survive on Mars. The planet was survivable but the scientists on Mars lost contact with Earth before it could be industrialized which forced the surviving scientists, engineers, and others to “start from scratch” in terms ohintergrund-tapete-1453k035515V58f innovation and technology. Which brings in the Western aspect of the novella, much of the towns and cities on Mars are mining towns and other labor centered jobs, with few vehicles and minor technology. It’s like the Old West on Mars. It’s been fun writing both of these series and I have decided to post each part/chapter on my blog.

ce-space-scene-1 I will be “releasing” (posting) each chapter as a serialized season. Each season will consist of a certain amount of episodes and each episode will consist of a certain number of chapters. Be on the look out later in the week for the first episode and chapter of each story! I hope you all enjoy!

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