Poetry & Music: Soneto Cinco, Cuatro, y Cinco

I love music; when I write, I like to escape into the sounds of melodies and harmonies and bass, like a soundtrack to my stories and poetry. One artist who has recently inspired me is Carla Morrison, a Mexican indie-pop singer, songwriter, and composer. Her music and voice are beautiful and stirring. They provoke deep thought and emotion. I have written a sonnet inspired by her song Disfruto..

She Waits: A Soneto Cinco, Cuatro, y Cinco

Mari waited in the shadows
Knowing she might meet the gallows
But she was not afraid at all
She came to far to let it fall
Her heart was no longer hallow

And it was all because of her
Celia made Mari secure
She saved Mari from her dark past
A life she feared would always last

No one in their town understood
Mari did not expect they could
And now she waited in the night
For her love to swoop in and fight
The rejection she hoped she would…

*Soneto Cinco, Cuatro y Cinco: a 14 line poem based on the Spanish Quintain and each stanza normally follows the rhyme scheme, except to keep it in conformance of the sonnet, the middle stanza consists only of two rhyming couplets. Here is the rhyme scheme: aabba ccdd eeffe or abbaa ccdd effee. Each line has 8 syllables.

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