Throwback Thursday: Poetry Edition

I wrote this poem at the end of last year for an amazing website that I write for called, Collected Young Minds. The mission of Collected Young Minds is to give young minds “the opportunity to think, discuss, and engage on issues and topics that affect the world they live in. Through communication mediums – blogging, microblogging, videoblogging, photoblogging – young minds will tell their stories and share their views on national and local politics, spoken, visual, and written arts, music, sports, film, and television entertainment, businesses, and causes. Collected Young Minds will give young minds a forum for their voices to be heard and shared, to collect their thoughts in a structured way, to be used for inspiration and action in their communities.”

I hope you enjoy!

I Pray

I say a prayer every night
A prayer from deep in my soul
Asking that the world becomes whole
I pray that love will win the fight

I pray for you; the one that spits in my face as you call me vicious names
I pray for her; the one always by my side, cleaning up my bruised and bloody face
I pray for them; those who remain silent and ignorant to injustice and oppression
I pray for him; the one that is afraid to trust and love; I extend my hand in peace
I pray for the poor, the rich, and the broken, the lost and the lonely, for those with no love and those with abundant love
I pray a lot; I pray for peace and joy and love and protection, for everyone

Asking that the world becomes whole
I pray that love will win the fight
I say a prayer every night
A prayer from deep in my soul

I don’t want you to hurt or cry or bleed in pain; I want you to find peace within
I don’t want her to go unappreciated for all of the kindness and strength she brings to the world
I don’t want them to go cold or hungry or thirsty or ignorant to the wondrous joys the world has to share
I don’t want him to grow bitter or spiteful or wrathful or become lost in suffering because there is so much more beauty in the world
I want more music and singing; more dancing and praising; more hugging and sharing; more laughing and smiling and acceptance
I want everyone to know what love is. I want everyone to want to share their love with each other and themselves

Love God with all your heart and soul. And love your neighbor as you love yourself.
                                                                          That is what I pray for, every single night.

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