Dead Roads- Episode 1: Blood Red Planet- Chapter 1

This is the first Chapter of my Space Western novella series. It is a futuristic western that takes place on a colonized Mars, centuries after those sent to colonize the planet lost contact with Earth. I hope you enjoy!

It’s been two hundred years since we last had contact with Earth; and in those two hundred years we ain’t done sh*t but drink, steal, fight, f*ck, party, and kill each other since we got to this planet. Sure, we built an atmosphere, and we even pumped out enough CO2 to bring rain to the planet but we ain’t really changed anything; we haven’t evolved or improved. We’re making the same mistakes we made back on Earth. We’re still the same greedy, selfish, reckless creatures we’ve always been; the only difference is that now we’re on a red planet instead of a blue one. We’re still killing our neighbors and exploiting our kin for profits. Mars was never a new beginning for any of us; it’s just another world for us to f*ck up. We ain’t no good; and we never really tried to be. 

Dead Roads_FinalCorben grinned and leaned back in his chair as he listened to Daniel get into one of his drunken philosophical rants. His hazel eyes glowed with intrigue as he chugged down his ale. Tiffany rolled her eyes as Daniel continued his rant. She was gorgeous with light skin and long orange hair that flowed down her back; it was much longer than Corben’s black braid. His sandy brown skin glittered as he admired Tiffany; she was annoyed. Tiffany slammed her hands on the table and said, “I think we’ve done a fine job at bringing this rusty old planet to life.”

Daniel glared at her, his dark eyes popping with anger. “You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about,” he declared.

Corben could not resist laughing as he watched Tiffany’s face go from pink to red in a split second. She was a mean drunk and Daniel was a talkative one. The tavern was busy for a Tuesday night, but Corben was just glad to have his friends there to distract him from his boring life for a couple of hours. Every day was the same, Corben woke up at six in the morning to work at the mine until five in the evening, and then he went to Orange Tavern to have a few drinks before going home to shower and sleep. Then he woke up the next morning and did it all again. It was a simple life and as much as Corben seemed to be content with ordinary, he secretly hated every moment of it.

When he was a young boy, his grandfather would read him western and Steamfunk novels before bed. Corben would fall asleep with tales of bandits, and bank heists, and gunfights, and wondrous inventions flooding his dreams. Minus the adventure, living on Mars was like living in an old western town. After communication and travel from Earth ceased, the luxuries and innovation of Earth also ceased, as the people forgotten on Mars worked to survive without resources from their home planet. It took over two thousand years to make Mars inhabitable and then after the scientists, astronauts, and explorers finished their work, communication just stopped. The people left in the dozens of scattered bio domes on Mars were forced to figure out a plan for survival when the ships back to Earth never came. So just like the books Corben’s grandfather had read to him when he was a child, Mars was living in the past, well sort of. Solar energy was available in most parts of Mars; there were even solar trains, but very few automobiles. Communication relied on HAM radio which was relatively new. All of the technology that was not crucial to make Mars inhabitable was invented and built far after contact with Earth ceased. Mars was inhabitable but it wasn’t fitted with all of the industry and technology of Earth.

“What do you think, Corben?” Tiffany questioned, “Is Daniel right; are we nothing but greedy animals?”

Corben laughed and said, “I think you’re both drunk, and if I want to reach your level I’m gonna need a couple of more drinks.”

He shook his head and walked over to the bar. He ordered a drink and turned his attention to the rest of the tavern as he waited. There were many familiar faces in Orange Tavern that night; Cobalt City was a small town, so when Corben noticed the man in the black cowboy hat, sitting in the shadows with nothing but the embers of a cigarette lighting up his lips, he had to do a double-take. The man was tall and muscular with rich dark brown skin. Corben couldn’t see his eyes but something about the man made him think of his grandfather.

The man put out his cigarette and got to his feet. He lifted his head and walked across the Tavern to Corben. Corben straightened up, his brown cheeks burning as he realized he was staring at the stranger. The bartender slid Corben a drink and as Corben reached out to pay, the stranger grabbed Corben’s arm and said, “It’s on me.”

Corben nervously looked at the man, finally seeing his amber eyes. The stranger smiled and said, “Enjoy the rest of your night,” then shook Corben’s hand. Corben flinched as static from the stranger’s touch shocked him. The stranger quickly exited the Tavern. Corben tried to shake off the heebie-jeebies as he made his way back to his friends. Suddenly, he bumped into a young man and spilled his drink all over him. “Sh*t, I’m so sorry,” Corben apologized as he looked up to see the young man’s fist in his face.

Concrete Kingdom- Episode 1: Sugar Deluxe- Chapter 1

For my new Urban Fantasy novella series, Concrete Kingdom, I will be releasing each part as episodes. The series is about two childhood friends who have taken different paths in their adult lives, find their lives intertwined after a series of ritualistic murders in their home city bring them back together. Here is chapter 1 of episode 1. Let me know what you think so far!

The beautiful hues of the evening sky mesmerized Taliyah as she peered out of the window of the city bus. It was the first time she had been in the city by herself after four P.M., it was exciting and a little frightening. The stories her granddaddy had told her about the things that come out after dark kept herConcrete Kingdom_Final from wandering around the city too late at night. But it had been weeks since Brian had texted her to hang out and he sounded like he really missed her. When the bus finally reached her stop, Taliyah climbed off and hurried down the street.

She pushed through the iron gate of the big, red-brick apartment complex and made her way inside. She made her way to the elevator and rode it to the fifth floor. When the elevator opened she walked down the hall to room 507. She took a deep breath and knocked four times. The door swung open and Brian stood in front of her with a giant smile on his face. Before she even got all the way through the front door his hands were all over her.

Taliyah’s soft, golden brown skin tingled as Brian’s rough fingers danced down her bare back. She let out a soft moan, trying to contain her excitement. The way he touched and caressed her body made her want to scream at the top of her lungs in ecstasy; he knew her body very well. She slammed the front door and pressed her full, red lips against Brian’s soft brown lips; she never wanted to stop. He picked her up and put her on the kitchen table, as he continued to tear off her white, backless dress. Taliyah ripped off Brian’s button-up shirt and continued kissing his lips; he never took his hands off of her. Playing her body like a guitar, Brian forced an acoustic array of excited melodies from Taliyah’s mouth as he touched her in all of her favorite spots. He pulled down her dress and gently kissed her neck. Taliyah moaned as his lips traced down her body, every nerve on fire. Taliyah pushed Brian off of her, took off her panties, and walked to the bedroom.

“Tonight’s the night,” she teased and tossed her panties at Brian’s bare chest.
He quickly took off his shoes and pants then followed Taliyah into his bedroom with a giant smile on his face.

Taliyah gave Brian one more kiss before putting on her panties, grabbing her cell phone, and hurrying into the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and turned on the sink. She was so excited, she had to call her sister and tell her that she and Brian finally had sex. She told her sister everything, they were best friends. Taliyah quickly pressed her sister’s number and waited for it to ring. No answer. She must be working; Taliyah thought as she turned off the sink and grabbed the door knob to exit the bathroom. She froze as the sound of an angry conversation filled her ears. Brian was talking to someone. Taliyah pushed her ear against the door, straining to listen.

“Did you really think you could just take my sh*t and skip town?” an unfamiliar voice questioned.

“I don’t want any part of this,” Brian cried, “I just need the money.”

“I have big plans for this city. And some hood-rat like you won’t be the one to f*ck this up,” the voice declared.

Taliyah heard a smack and Brian’s cry. “Who’d you sell it to, b*tch?” the unfamiliar voice demanded.

“A Ra-Houxi shop on Eighth Street,” Brian choked out, “it’s run by an old man. Please, don’t kill me.”

The man let out a wicked laugh, it made Taliyah’s heart shake and rattle against her ribcage; his deep, wicked laugh reminded her of the scary stories her granddaddy used to tell her about the horrors of Indigo City.

“There are so many things far worse than death, brotha,” the unfamiliar voice replied.

Shit, this motherf*cker got me caught up in some bullsh*t, Taliyah thought as the unfamiliar voice ordered someone to check the rest of the apartment. She looked around nervously for some kind of weapon; there was nothing but a plunger and some bleach under the sink. She quickly grabbed the heavy top of the toilet tank and readied herself to fight, she quickly noticed a gun stored in a Ziploc bag inside the toilet tank and quickly pulled it out; it was fully loaded. She was so glad her granddaddy had taught her how to use his pistol when she was a kid. She raised the gun as the bathroom door busted open and she fired three shots and jumped over the bulky man that fell in front of her. She ran out of the bedroom and straight to the door and didn’t stop, until another man, dressed in an all-white suit swung his golden cane at her head and she fell to the ground, dropping the gun. Kaliyah’s heart was racing as she rolled over onto her back and looked up at the tall, Black man, his wicked grin revealing a golden grill.

“You’ve been holding out on me, Brian,” the man said, his grin growing, “maybe I have use for you after all.”

Kaliyah rubbed the back of her head and saw the blood in her hand, and then everything went dark.

Lyrics & Photography

I wrote this song my sophomore year of college. And I found this accompanying photo on Unsplash, an awesome website that collects photographs under the license of Creative Commons Zero (which is a license that allows people to use these images completely free of charge for any purpose, including, sharing, editing, and for commercial use.) So if you’re a blogger and you’re looking for images to use on your blog that won’t get you fined check out the Unsplash website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest. But enough with the shameless promotion haha.

This particular photo reminded me of the mindset I was in when I wrote this song. I was crushing on a new friend and couldn’t get them out of my mind and I wrote this song as a way to deal with the fact that they liked me too but because of our personalities we didn’t mesh as a couple, but even then I still wanted to be with them.

Be Mine

Verse #1:
You kiss me slowly and I glow.
You look at me and I never want to go.
Why can’t you see you’re all I need?
We come from the same star, you were made for me.

Be mine; you’re all that I need.
You are the one, the one of my dreams.
Baby you’ve got my heart; you have my soul.
Will you be mine? And I’ll be yours.

Verse #2:
You smile at me and I know.
You hold me close. I never want to let go.
When will you realize that you’re my soul mate?
We belong together for now and for always.

Chorus: 2x’s
Be mine; you’re all that I need.
You are the one, the one of my dreams.
Baby you’ve got my heart; you have my soul.
Will you be mine? And I’ll be yours.

Stop playing now you know that I’m in love with you.
Cause even in my dreams I always seems to think of you.
Day or night you’re on my mind.
Rain or snow you’re all I know.
Come on baby don’t ever let me go.
I’ll be by your side all the time. You can count on me.
Baby it’s you that I want when will you see?
When will you finally see, you’re the one for me.

Chorus: 3x’s
Be mine; you’re all that I need.
You are the one, the one of my dreams.
Baby you’ve got my heart; you have my soul.
Will you be mine? And I’ll be yours.


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New Novella Serials

Hello! I have begun writing two new free novella series one which is Urban Fantasy and one that is a Space Western. Urban Fantasy to me is a story where the city is as much of a character as any person in the story; for me this is a very important concept/definition because much of what is considered “contemporary urban fantasy” completely ignores two things in the genre. One being the city as a central point/character of the stfox-in-the-streetfgory (authors will have a setting that is not urban but rather rural which to me makes no sense) and two is the diversity which is present in all major cities in America and even Europe (e.g. New York City, Chicago, LA, Hollywood, London, Paris, etc.). Without both of these points present I do not consider these stories Urban Fiction.

This mistake comes along when writers are struggling to classify their stories. I love many different genres and I enjoy writing in genres that mix or cross, so I don’t get upset when novels that are more Paranormal Romance end up in the Urban Fantasy section, but as a writer who believes that reading is the way to improve ones own writing, it can be annoying when reading a specific genre, like Urban Fantasy only to discover that the book you thought you were reading to improve your skills in writing Urban Fantasy stories is actually of no particularsouthwest-design-1-23441281361702fVXrrular help in that specific genre. But that is all just my own opinion.

My Space Western novel came along as a new character began speaking to me. His name is Micquel and I couldn’t get him out of my head so I sat down and started writing. He explained to me that he was a decedent of scientists from Earth who traveled to Mars to help finish terraforming the planet before they lost contact with Earth and were forced to survive on Mars. The planet was survivable but the scientists on Mars lost contact with Earth before it could be industrialized which forced the surviving scientists, engineers, and others to “start from scratch” in terms ohintergrund-tapete-1453k035515V58f innovation and technology. Which brings in the Western aspect of the novella, much of the towns and cities on Mars are mining towns and other labor centered jobs, with few vehicles and minor technology. It’s like the Old West on Mars. It’s been fun writing both of these series and I have decided to post each part/chapter on my blog.

ce-space-scene-1 I will be “releasing” (posting) each chapter as a serialized season. Each season will consist of a certain amount of episodes and each episode will consist of a certain number of chapters. Be on the look out later in the week for the first episode and chapter of each story! I hope you all enjoy!

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Poetry & Music: Soneto Cinco, Cuatro, y Cinco

I love music; when I write, I like to escape into the sounds of melodies and harmonies and bass, like a soundtrack to my stories and poetry. One artist who has recently inspired me is Carla Morrison, a Mexican indie-pop singer, songwriter, and composer. Her music and voice are beautiful and stirring. They provoke deep thought and emotion. I have written a sonnet inspired by her song Disfruto..

She Waits: A Soneto Cinco, Cuatro, y Cinco

Mari waited in the shadows
Knowing she might meet the gallows
But she was not afraid at all
She came to far to let it fall
Her heart was no longer hallow

And it was all because of her
Celia made Mari secure
She saved Mari from her dark past
A life she feared would always last

No one in their town understood
Mari did not expect they could
And now she waited in the night
For her love to swoop in and fight
The rejection she hoped she would…

*Soneto Cinco, Cuatro y Cinco: a 14 line poem based on the Spanish Quintain and each stanza normally follows the rhyme scheme, except to keep it in conformance of the sonnet, the middle stanza consists only of two rhyming couplets. Here is the rhyme scheme: aabba ccdd eeffe or abbaa ccdd effee. Each line has 8 syllables.

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Throwback Thursday: Poetry Edition

I wrote this poem at the end of last year for an amazing website that I write for called, Collected Young Minds. The mission of Collected Young Minds is to give young minds “the opportunity to think, discuss, and engage on issues and topics that affect the world they live in. Through communication mediums – blogging, microblogging, videoblogging, photoblogging – young minds will tell their stories and share their views on national and local politics, spoken, visual, and written arts, music, sports, film, and television entertainment, businesses, and causes. Collected Young Minds will give young minds a forum for their voices to be heard and shared, to collect their thoughts in a structured way, to be used for inspiration and action in their communities.”

I hope you enjoy!

I Pray

I say a prayer every night
A prayer from deep in my soul
Asking that the world becomes whole
I pray that love will win the fight

I pray for you; the one that spits in my face as you call me vicious names
I pray for her; the one always by my side, cleaning up my bruised and bloody face
I pray for them; those who remain silent and ignorant to injustice and oppression
I pray for him; the one that is afraid to trust and love; I extend my hand in peace
I pray for the poor, the rich, and the broken, the lost and the lonely, for those with no love and those with abundant love
I pray a lot; I pray for peace and joy and love and protection, for everyone

Asking that the world becomes whole
I pray that love will win the fight
I say a prayer every night
A prayer from deep in my soul

I don’t want you to hurt or cry or bleed in pain; I want you to find peace within
I don’t want her to go unappreciated for all of the kindness and strength she brings to the world
I don’t want them to go cold or hungry or thirsty or ignorant to the wondrous joys the world has to share
I don’t want him to grow bitter or spiteful or wrathful or become lost in suffering because there is so much more beauty in the world
I want more music and singing; more dancing and praising; more hugging and sharing; more laughing and smiling and acceptance
I want everyone to know what love is. I want everyone to want to share their love with each other and themselves

Love God with all your heart and soul. And love your neighbor as you love yourself.
                                                                          That is what I pray for, every single night.

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Te extraño; I miss you.

This is a poem dedicated to one of my greatest friends and mentors, Heather Ayala. I miss you and I love you!

Te extraño; I miss you.

I want to learn the things you know
I want to love and share and grow
I want to sing and dance and show
Show the world that I am here too
I want to be free, free with you
You see the world in such a way
To you there’s always brighter days
I do not want to cry, no more
At times I drift far from the shore
I want to learn the things you do
I want to be free, free with you

I need to find myself right now
I need for you to show me how
I need to laugh and smile now
Show me the way to inner peace
I need all this heartache to cease
You lift your sisters, brothers too
Striving for justice, that’s all you
You shine your light on everyone
You live, changing lives one by one
Your love an abundant increase
I need all this heartache to cease

I love that you are there for me
I love knowing you’ll never leave
You showed me the way to live free
You are strong and brave, and kind too
I am thankful for knowing you
You make me laugh when tears are strong
You help me grow when I am wrong
A teacher, a friend, helpful hand
The angel in my wonderland
Blessed is the time I shared with you
I am thankful for knowing you

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New Blog, New Adventures!!!

Greg Rakozy
Photo by Greg Rakozy from

So after the success and fun I had writing my 365 Days of Creativity blog in 2015, I have decided to continue with my creative writing adventures with a new blog titled fiction. art. music. which will not be as busy as my last blog which I wrote a post every single day for an entire year but will be a blog that I will write on as I am inspired. Writing everyday was a lot of fun and a lot of work and now that I know I can do it, I am ready to challenge myself to create more. This blog will consist of short stories, poetry, photographs, film, videos, music, paintings, drawings, artwork and any other work that I feel inspired to share.

I will set some rules for myself, first one being that I must post at least twice per week. Also, I will not be writing on weekends, this will force me to keep a writing/creating schedule that can go along with my work schedule.

I hope you all enjoy!

I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.

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